The Killer Barbies – …Only For Freaks!

01.Freak show 02.Chainsaw times 03.Chinatown 04.The phone 05.Traci Lords 06.Pinball 07.Train from Kansas City 08.No waves! 09.Friday 13th 10.Be your girl 11.They come from Mars 12.I don't mind 13.Bad trip experience? DESCARGA

The Killer Barbies – Dressed To Kiss

01.Love killer 02.You're a liar 03.Kiss mouth 04.I can hide 05.Kissing cousins 06.Will you love me 07.Comic books 08.I wanna live in Tromaville 09.Charlie Manson 10.Skulls 11.Then he kiss me 12.Elvis live!! 13.Silly thing DESCARGA

The Killer Barbies – Freakshow (DVD)

01. Intro 02. I Wanna Live in Tromaville (Clip) 03. Lovekiller (Clip) 04. In India (behind the scene) 05. Freakshow (Clip) 06. Solo para Ti (Clip) 07. Lost Control (Clip) 08. Gente Pez (Clip) 09. At the studio (behind the scene) 10. Making of "They Come from Mars" (behind the scene) 11. They Come from... Seguir leyendo →

borROCKalari | 2020

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